NEW! Off-road RUC Refund Report

Are you claiming RUC refunds for your off-road travel?

A growing number of Kiwi's are realising that they can claim back all their Road User Charges (RUC's) for mileage travelled off-road or on private roads in a diesel vehicle.  The problem though, is that it is really hard to keep an accurate log book of portions of off-road travel, especially if your land has a tar road running through it, or if you are travelling to a variety of off-road areas.  Although there are a number of electronic GPS based systems that offer RUC refund services, these are often too expensive to justify installing in smaller vehicles and fleets, and in instance where there is not quite enough off-road km's travelled.  

So, enter the GPS Log Book.   The easiest and most affordable way to keep an accurate log book and to claim back Road User Charges. Users can either use the Free Tracking Zone feature when fewer sites are visited monthly, or the Off-road RUC Refund Report when a high number of different areas are visited, which is available as a subscription.

Both the Tracking Zone Report and the Off-road RUC Refund Report enable the user to extract the necessary information to quickly and effortlessly complete a RUCOR claim form and win back their RUC's... read more below.

Tracking Zones - Free Feature

Free Function:  Tracking Zones - here the user, when reviewing their trips, creates "Tracking Zones" and all mileage within all tracking zones is automatically added up by the system on the Tracking Zone report.  This is then used to complete the RUCOR claim form.

Best For:

  • Fewer different off-road locations travelled monthly
  • Low number of off-road km's travelled annually
  • Users prepared to spend a few minutes creating Tracking Zones

 Price: Free!

Off-road RUC Refund Report

Subscription: Off-road RUC Refund Report - This paid for service passes all trip data to Geosmart mapping service which automatically identifies all off-road portions of trips and presents them in the Off-road RUC Refund Report, which can then be used to complete the RUCOR claim form.

Best For:

  • Many different off-road locations travelled monthly
  • High number of off-road km's travelled annually
  • Users who want an automated solution!

From $120 per year

GPS Log Book supplies all the data you need to quickly complete your RUCOR Claim form

Filling out the RUCOR claim form becomes easy as you have all the data at your fingertips, and stress-free as you know you have GPS data to support your claims!


How much can you claim?

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